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 In 1996, Andrew Bondar launched Bondar & Associates and has assembled an extremely competent staff. To keep pace with clients' wants and needs, Bondar & Associates offers a sound philosophy, quality service, and a variety of financial and insurance products. By using a cohesive and holistic approach, we seek to help you make your money productive and efficient in its performance over time. We strive to keep our clients educated and to help them achieve their maximum wealth potential by using a financial principle of keeping money in motion.

The Government is constantly changing the tax laws, which in turn makes it very difficult if not impossible for the public to plan their future with ease and success. At Bondar & Associates we provide tax strategies through the products & services we offer to help manage your income taxes and estate taxes dramatically over your lifetime and also help to simplify your financial life.

We believe that a person does not need to employ the "High Risk/High Reward" approach to build one's wealth, but by organizing, coordinating and integrating every financial decision it is possible to achieve a proper balance between protection and investment* vehicles, to get a high reward and lower the risk. The solution may not be in the number crunching, but rather in a specially designed modeled process involving the efficiency of money and its productivity. Bondar & Associates understands the importance of action oriented planning when it comes to the present and future direction of you assets.  How should they be invested?  How can they be protected?

Once informed, our clients are able to participate in the design of their personal program.

The objectives are the following:

  • Help lower the risk and at the same time increase the amount of money the clients will have over their lifetime
  • Let clients have better control over money and provide organization of their financial life
  • Provide literacy on how money works and on reduction of taxes
  • Achieve greater insurance protection and lower the financial cost of other products

 *Offered through NYLIFE Securities LLC (Member FINRA/SIPC) A Licensed Insurance Agency.


  • Seek relationships not transactions.
  • Build client relationships on confidentiality, trust, and performance.
  • Do what is right, and is in the client's best interest.
  • Strengthen families through a multi-generational approach to investing and planning.
  • Match money to life purpose.  Money is a tool. 


  • Be bright, be brief, and be gone.  A client's time is precious.
  • Be on time, deliver on promises, and finish what is started.
  • Listen intently, communicate clearly, and suggest thoughtful solutions and implementation strategies.
  • Help clients automate, delegate, and simplify their financial lives.  Attend to the details.

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Neither Bondar & Associates nor Andrew Bondar is in the business of offering tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult with your professional advisors for tax, legal, or accounting advice.





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